Terms and Conditions

These conditions of sale are concluded on the one hand by Fastlab Ltd and secondly, by any person or entity wishing to purchase the products sold on the website: flawless program.com, hereinafter referred to respectively as "the client", "the product" and "the site".

Article 1 - Purpose

These conditions of sale define the contractual relationship between the Customer and Fastlab Ltd and all conditions apply to all purchases made through the site, whether professional or personal.

The acquisition of a product implies acceptance by the Customer of these Condtions of Sale, Annex understood that it cannot be separated.

These conditions shall prevail over any other general or special conditions not specifically approved by Fastlab Ltd.

Fastlab Ltd reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. In this case, the conditions will be those in forces at the date of the order by the Customer.

Article 2 - Product Features

The Product is the one on the indicated sales page

The Product is an electronic product, whose main characteristics are on the sales page

If the Customer believes there is a lack of evidence on the nature and qualities of the product, he/she may request a description that meets his/her expectations by formulating specific questions by sending it to Fastlab Ltd. by post or electronically. (See contact information listed in section 0). Fastlab Ltd. will respond within 72 hours.

Product images on the Site are merely a figurative representation thereof. It is not Product photo itself, the latter being an electronic product for which there is no physical equivalent.

The Customer must check before ordering that he/she has and can use the tools necessary for the enjoyment of the product. i.e: software unpacking ZIP files, PDF viewer, etc.

Article 3 - Price

The price indicated on the sales page in in USD (American Dollars) excluding VAT.

Every order, regardless of origin, is payable in USD.

Fastlab Ltd reserves the right to change prices at any time, except that the prices indicated on the sales page the day of the order, which will be applicable only to the Customer.

If the Customer is unable to use Paypal.com payment (see Article 5) or does not wish to use, further optional payment may be charged to the customer, including postage taxes and local, national and international charges, amongst others. Paypal does not charge any ADDITIONAL charge. Customer is invited to use this payment method over another.

Customer located outside of the United States are invited to learn about the import duties or taxes that may be applicable in this case, and assume responsibility for their declaration and payment.

Article 4 - Payment

Failure to pay may result in the suspension of the order.

Payment is made by credit card. It will be implemented through Paypal.com securer website, which uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) so that the information transmitted is encrypted by software and no third party can take note during the transaction over the internet.

Customer is not required to have a Paypal.com account to pay the order. On the payment page, Paypal.com is an option dedicated to non Paypal.com account holders that the Customer may use.

Customer wishing to use a Paypal account to pay for the purchase may do so by logging on to http://www.Paypal.com/ and following the instructions on this site. Opening a PayPal account is free.

Fastlab Ltd will not be liable to the Client for the consequences of misuse of the site Paypal.com on his part, or the inaccessibility of the site if the event were to occur.

Customer's account will be debited immediately.

At the Customer's request, made by post or electronically (see contact information indicated in Article 0), it will be sent an invoice in electronic PDF format.

Article 5 - Geographical area

The sale of the product on the website is reserved for clients whose country of residence is authorized by Paypal.com (about 140 countries - see the list on the Paypal.com site).

Residents of other countries and customers who do not wish to use Paypal.com should contact Fastlab Ltd. by post or electronically (see contact information indicated in Article 0) to reach an agreement on the settlement that satisfies both parties ( check, bank transfer, etc.).

Article 6 - Operator

The Customer acknowledges having verified that the Product to its needs and have received Fastlab Ltd all information that was needed to subscribe to this undertaking knowingly.

The Customer declares to be aged at least 18 and have the legal capacity or holds parental authorization to place an order on the Site.

The Client declares that associated with the payment card or Paypal.com account that uses the payment bank account is his or he has the legitimate owner's permission to use it.

Customer wishing to purchase the product must:

- Click on the order link on the sales page to access the secure payment site Paypal.com;

- Validate the order after reviewing it;

Customers who do not wish to use Paypal.com for payment: see Article 5.

The payment of the order on the Paypal.com website or by any other means prior agreement, implies acceptance of these conditions of sale, the recognition of having perfect knowledge and waiver of its own conditions of purchase or other conditions.

The payment of the order on the Paypal.com website is an order confirmation.

Article 7 - Proof of the Transaction

All data recorded and confirmed through the payment site Paypal.com, is valid proof of the transaction.

Article 8 - Delivery

The Product is delivered by digital transmission ("electronic"), and only in this way, without prior agreement with Fastlab Ltd before ordering.

The delivery consists of sending an email with the order confirmation and the link to download the product. The Client must click on this link to access the download area of the product, then download the product in order to enjoy it.

This email is sent to the Customer at the email that will be mentioned on the Paypal.com website upon payment address. The Customer shall therefore ensure that this email address is valid and functional and that his inbox is accessible. Sending the download link is done automatically by the e-commerce system used on the Site upon confirmation of payment by Paypal.com.

In case of non receipt of this email, the Customer must contact Fastlab Ltd. by post or electronically (see contact information indicated in Article 0) within sixty (60) days from the settlement date on Paypal.com to get the download link. After this time, the download link will be deemed transmitted and received, and downloaded and purchased the Product, and no refund will be made in case of dispute by the Customer.

Fastlab Ltd is committed to make every effort to manually and email deliver the Product to the Customer in the shortest time, on pain of termination of the contract and refund the sums paid.

By placing an order, the Customer declares that he has previously verified that the email address is valid and that his email inbox is accessible.

If the Customer is unable to use email to receive the link to download the product or if the email box is inaccessible, it must inform Fastlab Ltd command before or within 72 hours after confirmation of payment on the Paypal.com website, by post or electronically (see contact information listed in Section 0).

Article 9 - Order Confirmation

Fastlab Ltd will email confirmation of the order recorded in the form of an e-mail containing the link to download the product (see Article 9). This email is automatically sent by the e-commerce system used on the Site.

No other mail will be sent, unless expressly requested by the Client made by post or electronically (see contact information indicated in Article 0).

Article 10 - Reimbursement

The Customer has a period of 60 days from the delivery date to exercise his right to reimbursement.

All refund requests will be made by post or electronically to the addresses indicated in Article 0.

If requested, Fastlab Ltd. and / or its affiliates undertake to refund the Customer within ten working days from the date of receipt of such request, on such terms as may be agreed in advance with the Client days.

Customers who have applied for a refund on honor not to use the Product and destroy all copies in its possession, and the date of its application.

Article 11 - Commitments of Fastlab Ltd.

Fastlab Ltd undertakes to exercise due care and diligence in providing a product and service quality in accordance with industry practice and the state of the art, including communication with the Client.

Fastlab Ltd. undertakes to take all reasonable precautions to ensure the physical protection of personal customer data and ensure confidentiality.

Article 12 - Liability

Fastlab Ltd is bound by an obligation of means. Responsibility can not be held liable for damages resulting from the use of the Internet such as data loss, hacking, viruses, break service, or other unintended problems.

The product complies with American legislation and standards applicable in The United States of America (USA). Fastlab Ltd will not be held liable for non-compliance with the legislation of the country where the product is delivered. It is the Customer to check with local authorities in his country of residence usability Product he intends to order on the Site.

Fastlab Ltd can not be held responsible for non-delivery of the Product if the email address provided on the Customer's payment site Paypal.com or by any other means is void or invalid, or if the email inbox of Client is inaccessible or inoperable. In case of non receipt of mail order confirmation containing the download link for the Product, the Customer must follow the instructions given in Article 8.

Article 13 - Intellectual property

All elements of the Site, including product and its annexes, are and remain the exclusive intellectual property of Fastlab Ltd.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise on the Site, no one is permitted to reproduce, use, repost, or use for any purpose whatsoever, by any means whatsoever, in whole or in part, elements of the Site, that they are editorial, software, audio or visual.

The Customer undertakes to comply with the license agreement located in the Appendix.

Article 14- Personal Data

Fastlab Ltd agrees that the collection and processing of personal information of the Customer, made on the Site.

The information recorded will not be subject to any transfer without the prior consent of the Client.

Article 15 - Filing and Proof

Fastlab Ltd archive transaction data on a reliable and durable as a true copy.

The registers of Fastlab Ltd will be considered by the parties as proof of communications, orders, payments and transactions between the parties.

Article 16 - Clauses unwritten

If any of these conditions proved to be invalid, such provision shall be deemed unwritten but would not entail the invalidity of the remaining terms and conditions, which therefore remain fully valid.

Article 17 - Settlement of disputes

These conditions of online sale are subject to law respective of the place of use or acquisition.

In case of dispute concerning the interpretation or execution of these terms of sale, and in the absence of a mutual agreement of the parties, the courts will have exclusive jurisdiction.

Article 18 - Contact Information

- Addresse:
Fastlab Ltd (Registration CR : 1820878) - 6/F Yen Sheng Centre – 64 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong - HONG KONG
+85 2 2961 4888

- E-mail Address :

Appendix: Use License Agreement

Indicating its acceptance to these Terms and Conditions, the Customer signifies its consent under this License Agreement.

The terms of the Terms and Conditions above also apply to this License Agreement which is an annex, and will not be repeated below.

If you disagree with these terms, you should not buy the product.

Below, the "product" means the product for sale.

Section A1 - Permitted Uses and modifications

Fastlab Ltd grants to Customer a revocable, non-transferable non-exclusive license, to use the Product and accompanying documentation in accordance with the terms established in the contract.

The Customer has the right to:

- Download, view, use Product for personal or professional purposes only

Article A2 - Prohibitions

The Customer has no right to:

- Distribute, sell, lease, sub-lease, give, lend, provide a copy, or allow the use of the Product in its original form or modified form, to anyone and anybody, in any form whatsoever without Fastlab Ltd. has previously given permission in writing;

- Use the Product on a website that is contrary to HK law.

All rights, title, interest and all copyright rights relating to the Product, and documentation, and any copies made by the Client remain the property of Fastlab Ltd.

Any loan, lease, sublease, assignment or transfer of any copy of the Product or its components have not been authorized in writing by Fastlab Ltd will be considered invalid.

Article A3 - Termination

Non-compliance with the conditions set out in Articles A1 and A2 lead to the breach of contract and its automatic and unilateral termination without notice. Fastlab Ltd will inform the Customer that must immediately destroy any downloaded files from the Site and cease to use the product.

It is permissible to Customer terminate this Agreement at any time without notice immediately destroying all files downloaded from the Site.

In all cases of termination, the Customer must immediately destroy any downloaded files from the Site and discontinue use.

In the event of termination by the Customer, past the warranty period for repayment of 60 days, no refund will be made.