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julien "Huge improvement"

“Hi Christina, I had full body eczema for 20 years, and recently I've noticed a huge improvement in my eczema condition. So far my back and sides have improved the most! I recently went on vacation to Paris and I didn't get any reactions or inflammations while I was there which was absolutely amazing! Thank you again for creating this program and for giving all eczema sufferers hope. All the best!”

- Natasha
Jennifer "My beautiful new skin!"

“Hi Christina, I know I have not written to you for a long time and our sessions together had finished. I just wanted to catch up with you. (:The change I have gone through was one of the hardest things I have ever done but I have gone a long way. My skin on the face and arms is feeling amazing!! Thank you!!”

- Lisa
Caroline "Glad I took the chance!"

“So glad I bought your program for my eczema. It’s day 30 now and my skin is better than it ever has been, the redness and swelling has completely gone down! I’ve already referred your program to one of my friends who also has trouble with her eczema. Thanks again Christina!”

- Sarah
Vincent "I can finally wear shorts..."

“Hi Christina, Today is Day 76 on your flawless program and I'm getting better and better despite some flare ups. I just wanted to say thank you for creating this program and for helping me through various stages after quitting topical steroids. It hasn't been easy and it didn't only take 30 days, but your knowledge and encouragement really keeps me going. I hope you continue to encourage all your followers to hang in there because the diet actually works!
PS: I recently wore shorts in public again!"

- Jennifer
julien "No more itching!"

“I am so grateful to have found your website and that I took the risk! This is my lower left leg, which was the one with the worst eczema on it in March when I began. This is now 7 weeks since I started the program. I have added back in a few triggers with very little problem. Obviously, this looks "bruised" from scarring, but so glad the eczema is gone! Woohoo! Thank you so much for your research and advice! It's wonderful not to be itchy!”

- Angelica
julien "30 days or less!"

“ "Hi Christina, here are some updated photos of my skin. I would say it took about 30 days or less to get the results. Your program is amazing! I highly recommend it to anyone.”

- Gina

Replace triggers. Find the root cause. Clear your skin.


Now matter how hard you try or what you do it seems impossible to get your skin in the clear.

The Flawless Program was designed specifically to help you, with a simple to follow lifestyle plan.

With The Flawless Program, you will learn how to create a skin-friendly environment, that has been shown to improve overall skin and eczema symptoms.

Based on 12+ years of experimentation, backed by some of the best nutritional and scientific doctors and skin experts

The Flawless Program was created to teach you how to naturally clear your skin, with a new, tried, and proven method. This program is based on the advice and tested research of experts, and is a natural way to improve your skin!

In the next 30 days you will find out what triggers create eczema breakouts, and how to eliminate the ones that directly affect your skin.

30 Days to Better Skin!

Here’s what happens in The Flawless Program:

Get Started. Introduction to The Flawless Lifestyle. I’ve kept it short and simple with easy to follow steps.

Here you get the full strategy to finally kick skin triggers out of your life! I give you all the strategies that will help you keep away from things that make you itch -- and bring you closer to the skin you want. Members can expect see small changes already.

Restore and replace. Beautiful skin starts from within! In the program you also have my Flawless Diet, a skin friendly meal-plan based on my mission to find the best foods for your skin!

You also have complete shopping lists to tell you exactly what foods are the best to get at the grocery. No more guessing, everything is so simple.

Flawless support! With the email Coaching Program, you'll be guided through each week. Receive exclusive skin tips ( ie: how to get past the elimination stage, how to avoid withdrawals, etc.) and my best skin strategies.

At the end of this program you'll be on your way to flawless skin!

Key strategies in this program:
  1. How to clearly spot the eczema triggers and avoid them
  2. How to use advanced gut health to clear your eczema!
  3. How to manage your life around eczema
  1. How to achieve flawless skin even with large scars
  2. How to be eczema-free without medicines or creams
  3. How to prevent your eczema from reoccurring, ever

Who Am I?

Hi, I'm Christina!

This program is the result of years of dedicated research into skin health, based on my own experience of living 12-years with autoimmune eczema.

I started The Flawless Program on a personal mission to clear my own skin. Now, I want to help you do the same!

Any Questions?

What is The Flawless Program?
This full program is a 30-day jumpstart to help you easily create an eczema-free lifestyle that is safe for your skin! The testimonials above are from real people that have been helped by following this program. If you don't know where to start, this program is for you!
Is The Flawless Program safe?
Yes. This is a skin-friendly lifestyle program that is across-the-board safe for anyone to follow. Of course, you should always consult your doctor for medical advice beforehand.
Can the program help other skin problems other than eczema?
Although we focus mostly on strategies to improve eczema, your general skin might also see improvement while you follow this flawless lifestyle!
Is it suitable for vegans?
Not yet...Maybe one day! For now, the skin tends to prefer a collagen rich protein diet. (in other news, it's pretty easy to follow)
Can I follow the program even on vacations, holidays, etc.?
Even on a beach in Hawaii, there is absolutely no need to take a break in the program while you're traveling or on vacation. This program was designed to be extremely easy to follow, and is easy to do wherever you are.
Does the program require exercise or sports?
Feel free to be active! But don't fear, no sport is required.
Will I still be able to go out with friends or family? Like drinking or eating out?
Definitely. The goal of this program is to help you create an eczema-free lifestyle, one that allows you and your skin to be the beautiful person you were meant to be!
Does the program focus on stress?
Each person handles stress through different ways, and while there are no requirements for meditation, you can definitely feel more at ease with this lifestyle.
I'm a busy person, and don't have much time to read. Can I get the program without going through the material?
Yes, this program was designed for anyone to follow!
Will I be able to continue the program for longer than 30-days?
Absolutely. Everyone's skin is unique, and what makes this program special is that you're free to go at your own pace for as short or as long as you want.
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Satisfaction Guaranteed

This program is all about you! I'm confident you'll love it, but if for any reason it's not the right fit, send me an email and you will get a 100% refund. Within 60-days from purchase, guaranteed.

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